We are regularly asked how we get our horses looking so well. 

The answer really is quite simple - top quality feed and regular work.  There are no shortcuts.

We use and recommend Horsepower Feeds & Supplements.  This Australian Owned Company offer a complete range of Quality Equine Nutrition Products at affordable prices.

When a new horse arrives on the Team the first thing we do is drench them and then keep up a regular worming program.  Teeth are also done regularly.  

Base their feed on body type, temperament and work load.  Follow the manufacturers feeding guides.

All horses in our stable and care are feed Horsepower Equestrian Pellets plus roughage. The horses who require that little bit more energy are fed Horsepower Sweet Feed No  4. with the Equestrian Pellets.  Simple quality feeds that are palatable.

We feel the quality of roughage being feed is very important.   We use Three Times Sieved & Steam Cut Mixed Chaff plus Lucerne Hay.

Offering shelter to protect horses against extremes in weather like wind, rain, and heat can also help in maintaining condition.   

Always have clean water troughs with fresh water.  Adding Horsepower Electrolyte 3 when heat and travel conditions suffice.

Good quality feed at the right quantities plus regular work will help your horse gain and maintain that super top line and the muscle to achieve all your performance goals whatever the discipline.