We would like to extend a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors.  We very much appreciated your continued support.

Mitavite - nothing but the best feed for our team and all the horses here at Balaam Downs.  Top quality products and very economical prices.  Feeds to suit top level performers to the old pensioners in the paddock.  If your not feeding Mitavite then you should be.

Kingsland Australia NZ  beautiful Equestrian competition riding and casual clothing.  Jessie, Clem and Sharlene love KL clothing.  We would like to thank the Alexanders for their continued support of Jessie as a KL Ambassador.  Jess and her horses always looks immaculate in and out of the competition arena.  

Jer Stirrups - These are nothing short of the best.  Both Clem & Jess swear by them.  Top Quality Italian made, technically perfect for show jumping.  Thanks Adele and the gang at Jer we appreciate all you do for us.